Industrial AM Productivity
Made in Germany

Meet the AMpolar® i2

  • Enabling Industrial Series Production
  • High Speed Rotative (HSR) AM Process
  • Multi-Process Ready Platform
  • Multi-Material Printing
  • Manufacturing Mode & Rapid Prototyping Mode
  • Customized High-Performance Materials
  • Long Component Lifetime
AM Polar i2 industrial 3D Printer closed

High Speed Rotative AM Process

Our AMpolar® i2 industrial production 3D printing machine employs a patented High-Speed Rotative AM Process (HSR).
The unique, continuously rotating print platform enables highly productive single-pass printing over an extremely large build area of 2.0 m2.

dp polar Multi-Material

Lowest Cost Per Part

To achieve the lowest cost per part, we facilitate post-processing with our easy to handle, 100% water-soluble support material which allows for quick and automatic removal of all support structures. No additional chemicals or mechanical treatments are needed. The smooth and highly productive workflow reduces post-processing time by up to 50%.

dppolar Printer