Picture with some pieces made with 3D printer

Cubic Ink® Materials powered by ALTANA

All Cubic Ink® object materials are available in CMYK colours. Our close collaboration with ALTANA, a world-wide leading expert in specialty chemicals, enables us to optimize the whole production system to an individual application. We customize materials to meet specifications to yield the best possible results.
We developed an easy to handle, 100% water-soluble support material that allows for quick and automatic removal of all support structures. No additional chemicals or mechanical treatments are required. We make it possible to achieve high productivity that increases efficiency and reduces the overall time and cost of production without the additional risk of damaging the finished parts.


Cubic Ink® Tough

Hard and tough material with balanced modulus and elongation. Multi-purpose material for prototyping and functional parts under moderate stress and strain.  

Figures from 3D printer

Cubic Ink® Flexible

Flexible and soft material for applications that require stretching, bending, or compression. Can be used for handles, damping, and cushioning especially in
multi-material parts.

Example of material of Cubic Ink Flexible

Cubic Ink® Support (100% Water Soluble)

For accomplishing complex geometries, high resolution, and clean edges. Compatible with Cubic Ink® Tough and Flexible. Easily soluble in pure water at room temperature.

Cubic ink Water soluble support

AM Materials under development

Further AM materials under development are expected to achieve high temperature resistance and functional properties that make them suitable for heavy industrial use.

Material properties
1 Properties measured without any post-processing of the part. All material properties may vary with printer, print settings, object orientation, part geometry, and age of sample. Available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, and grey. More colors on request.